THE last meeting between Rangers and Dunfermline was a feisty affair.

And I fully expect the Scottish Cup fifth round showdown between the two League One rivals in February to be similarly explosive.

I bumped into the Pars manager Jim Jefferies at Ibrox on Tuesday night and had a chat with him. He is vastly experienced and knows exactly what to expect.

I can see Jim loading his right side in an attempt to stop Lee Wallace and Lewis Macleod from running riot. But it is still a good draw for Ally's side and gives them a great chance.

Ally's primary concern going into the draw was getting a home tie and that is what his team has been handed.

I was a bit disappointed with the stick Rangers received after their 2-0 win over Falkirk in the fourth round.

I reckon they actually took more flak than Motherwell did for losing to part-time Albion Rovers - and they actually won their fixture and progressed.

Rangers were criticised for needing two late goals to progress. But they are not the only team to win by netting late on. Look at Celtic against Aberdeen a few weeks ago.

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