ALLY McCOIST and Graham Wallace have vastly different roles at Rangers.

Ally is the manager at Ibrox. His remit is to get a good team on the park and get them back up the leagues.

Ultimately, he has to get the team in a position to challenge Old Firm rivals Celtic for the SPFL Premiership.

Wallace, meanwhile, has taken over as chief executive and has to slash costs at a business reportedly losing £1million a month. There are going to be cutbacks.

Ally realises the situation that the club is in and is going to have to accede to the chief executive's wishes.

If he has to let players go to drive down the wage bill then so be it. He may have to try to progress with the emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

There are players who are not involved in the first team who are on a decent salary who could be moved on.

But that is not necessarily straightforward.

If an individual has two years left on his contract and is earning a decent wage, then he is within his rights to say: "I am going nowhere!"

Remember what happened with Bobo Balde at Celtic. The defender was getting £30,000 a week and no other club would match that.

So he stayed put. Something similar could happen at Rangers.

Ally will meet the chief executive next week. What he is told will shape the short-term future of Rangers.

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