PLAYERS have always been unhappy when they have not been playing and that is one thing that will never change in football.

It would appear Dean Shiels has now reached that point at Rangers, but instead of using his agent to air his gripes in the press or speak to Ally McCoist, the player would be far better doing it himself.

First and foremost, if you are not being picked or are becoming a bit-part player then you need to make a case for yourself on the training pitch.

Shiels may well be doing that, but he has one major problem to overcome and that is managers don't tend to change winning sides and Ally is no different in that respect.

What can change things for Shiels is players getting injured or suspended, but if that doesn't happen in his position, then there is an easy remedy to his frustration.

That is for him to knock on Ally's door and ask if he is in the manager's plans. In my day a simple "Look boss…" was the best way to know if you were still rated or if it was time to move on to pastures new.

If that is the case with Shiels, then I would imagine Rangers will not be hard to deal with because they need to trim their squad and save on wages.

But, like I say, if Shiels isn't happy then he should be speaking to the boss man to man.

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