WE'RE only halfway through the season, but I would be very surprised if Kris Commons did not challenge strongly for the Player of the Year awards come the end of the campaign.

The winner of the individual awards is almost certainly going to come from Celtic because they have got the best players in the country.

Scott Brown has enjoyed good form, and Virgil van Dijk has also excelled, but Kris has been just outstanding.

When he first arrived at Parkhead three years ago he enjoyed an excellent spell. After that, there were rumours of a bust-up with Neil Lennon, and he also struggled with injuries.

But I think the change of position has helped him to play his best football.

Initially at Celtic he played on the left wing. Now he plays just off the front man and operating in that forward area clearly suits him.

The way he is playing, when the ball comes to him you are just waiting for something to happen. He is Celtic's most creative player.

Having said that, I think the defensive trio of Fraser Forster, Efe Ambrose and Van Dijk have all been immense.

The Scottish champions have kept clean sheets in their last eight games. That is no mean feat at whatever level you are playing.

All it needs is for one freak shot from the opposition team to go in or just one individual error by a defender and the run comes to an end.

The defence in general is good. But that triumvirate of Forster, Ambrose and Van Dijk is playing very well.

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