LEAGUES around Europe have returned from their winter breaks in the last week or so and Celtic will get back to Premiership business this weekend after they went to Turkey for a few days.

There has been talk about whether a winter shutdown should be brought back in to Scottish football, but it is a tricky subject and one that attracts a lot of opinions.

I suppose it would be good to introduce again, but the big question is when do you take a winter break in Scotland? Is it December? Is it January? It is difficult to get the right time for it and it could create more problems if it is pencilled in for the wrong time.

When I played, we did have a break and there were pros and cons.

I think everyone is different, some people and teams benefit from it and some don't. It does help you if you have boys out injured and it is a time to recharge the batteries.

The SPFL gave clubs permission to take a break this season, but it is not something that myself and Alan Archibald thought about for the boys at Firhill.