I URGED the Rangers forward Dean Shiels to speak to the manager face to face to sort out his future at the Ibrox club in my column last week.

Well, I am pleased to see Dean has gone out and done his talking on the park. The player's agent had come out in the newspapers and asked for a meeting with Ally McCoist to determine where his client stood.

That, for me, was not how to go about things. It suggested the player wanted away. I am sure Ally would have preferred it if Dean had knocked on his door and had a chat with him in person.

Anyway, he got the nod to start his first game in four months against East Fife and grasped his chance. I didn't think the Northern Ireland international was absolutely outstanding for the 90 minutes, but he certainly showed why Rangers bought him.

He scored both of the goals in a 2-0 victory and his overall play was decent. Considering he had not been involved for so long it was impressive.

Importantly, he was utilised in a role that suits him. He wasn't played out wide or up front. He slotted in just behind the striker.

Yes, he only got the nod because of injuries and suspensions, but how he got a game is irrelevant. He staked a claim for regular inclusion with his display.

He did exactly what the manager wants the fringe players to do when they get a chance - come in and make it hard for him to leave them out. I would not be at all surprised if we saw Dean start at Forfar on Monday night.

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