LIKE everyone in Scottish football, I was shocked to hear of the tragic death of Ian Redford, aged 53.

I played with Ian for a while at Rangers. He was a quiet lad when he first arrived and it took him time to settle.

But, once he did, he became a very good player for us. He gave his all, whether it was in training or on the park.

He liked a tackle, could pass and scored on quite a few occasions.

If he was having an off day he did everything he could to make sure his opposite number did, too.

Ian might not have been the greatest player in the history of the Ibrox club, but he could be depended on to give 100 per cent every week.

That is why it surprised me so much when I learned what had happened. The Rangers game against East Fife, then, was very emotional.

A minute's silence was held before kick-off in Ian's memory as, for that matter, it was at his other old clubs.

With Fernando Ricksen, who has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease, going out on the park at half-time it was quite an afternoon.

But it is at times like these Rangers Football Club comes into it own. If somebody has died or has suffered misfortune, then the Gers supporters are not slow to back them.

It is how football should be.

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