DAVID MOYES will have known the size of the task ahead of him when he replaced Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager in the summer.

Taking over from Sir Alex was always going to be a difficult job and it will take time for Davie to get things right at Old Trafford.

It is fair to say it has not gone to plan for him so far, with their Carling Cup exit at the hands of Sunderland on Wednesday night the latest shock.

United have struggled so far this season, particularly at home, but David will turn it around.

I saw the first half of the Chelsea game on Sunday and they were the better side.

But they didn't win and when you are under pressure, like David is just now, wins are the only thing that will ease the burden and get the critics off your back.

He has not had his troubles to seek so far this season and any team that is without Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney is always going to be weaker.

I thought they played fairly well at Stamford Bridge, but they didn't have any cutting edge and David will be disappointed with the goals they lost too.

There was a lot of talk about how little transfer activity there was at Old Trafford during the summer but I think the signing of Juan Mata will be a major boost for United.

It is the start of David putting his stamp on the squad and the team and I am sure there will be a few more coming in as well.

At £37million, Mata is not coming cheap. But he is a quality player and will enhance the squad that David has got there.

He will be keen to bring more players in I am sure.

It was only Marouane Fellaini that came in during the summer and with Mata now on board, he will want to keep up the momentum and build his side.

New players give the whole club a lift and it will give the fans a lift as well after what has been a frustrating few weeks.

Things haven't been going David's way so far this season, but that is football for you.

Sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don't. He won't be looking for sympathy, though. He doesn't need people feeling sorry for him.

The only thing he wants to do is get the team back winning and get Man Utd back up the table again.

Signing players like Mata will go a long way to helping him do that.

I think the Premiership title is out of reach now, they are too far behind Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal, but they have to keep going and get themselves into the top four.

United need to be playing Champions League football and David will be determined to get into that top four between now and the end of the season before looking to strengthen his squad once again in the summer.

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