THERE was a bit of speculation surrounding Neil Lennon and Norwich City last weekend, but I thought he answered it well after the win over Motherwell at Parkhead.

It is not surprising to see Neil being linked with positions in the English Premiership when you consider the job he has done at Celtic in both Scotland and the Champions League over the last few seasons.

There are two things here, though.

The first is that I am sure Neil is happy at Celtic, is happy being the Celtic manager and still has a lot more to win and achieve as Celtic manager.

And the second is that Chris Hughton is still the boss at Norwich.

I think the stories linking Neil with the job at Carrow Road was a case of over-speculation.

That is not to say that he won't be considered for a job in England at some stage as I am sure he will be on the radar of clubs south of the border at some point in the future.

But Norwich, at the moment, aren't looking for a new manager.

It was Chris' job that he was linked with, but it is so tight in the Premiership that it could have been any club in the bottom half of the table.

Neil hasn't said that he wants to leave Celtic and, while the results haven't been there for Norwich, Chris Hughton is still in a job and this kind of speculation is unfair.

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