THE most important people at Rangers for the last couple of years have, by far and away, been the fans.

So Graham Wallace is doing the right thing by agreeing to meet with representatives of the three main supporters' organisations.

He has to do it frequently from now on. It is so important to engage with them as often as he possibly can.

Fans need to sit down with a senior official like Graham and be told in person what is going on at the Ibrox club.

I have met Graham on a couple of occasions and he is a good lad. He was the chief executive of a huge club in England and knows the business he is in.

But he has to open up a dialogue with the paying customers at Ibrox and earn their respect.

He has to outline what will be happening in the next few weeks and explain to the fans how much they are needed both now and in the future.

He needs fans to buy into what he is trying to do and, ultimately, to continue to buy season tickets.

I think everyone accepts that too much money has been spent and savings need to be made if the club is to go forward.

But Rangers can ill-afford to weaken the side as they try to go up the leagues. Doing that doesn't make any sense to me.

He has inherited the mess left by others. It is a hard job for him and difficult decisions will have to be made.

For me, other parts of the organisation need to be cut to make savings.

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