IT has got to be good news that the SFA have managed to secure a new deal with Sky TV to broadcast international friendlies and Scottish Cup games.

The new contract is worth £56million over the next four years, and Stewart Regan's departments will oversee it being filtered all the way down to the grassroots of the game in this country.

Hopefully, this means better facilities, artificial surfaces, indoor arenas and the like, so we can continue to try to drive up the quality of player being produced.

TV deals are so important to our game, and we really do need to get as much as we possibly can for them, whether they be for internationals, cup games or the league.

I believe we are still trying to recover from the financial mess kicked off when Roger Mitchell and his team decided to knock back the offer to renew with Sky, and follow the crazy idea of launching SPLTV.

We can trace so much of the financial problems which continue to beset the game here back to that massive error.

Of course, the kind of money Scottish football can attract from broadcasters is nothing compared to what is put on the table whenever the rights down south become available.

But, that must never be a reason for under-selling ourselves as the likes of Celtic and Rangers have a following not confined to these shores.

Mind you, the SPFL are still trying to secure a sponsor, which should be of great concern to everyone as this means much- needed money is missing from the income of every senior club across all four divisions.

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