RANGERS fans are still very wary about the people running the Ibrox club.

They have had three chairmen and three chief executives in the last couple of years.

It is no surprise they are asking: "Why are these guys going to be any different?"

So the board have to convince supporters they are the right men for the job.

And the meetings the chief executive Graham Wallace has had with representatives of the three main supporters groups is the start of that process.

But these get-togethers have to be the first of many. There has to be ongoing dialogue between the two parties.

Rangers Football Club needs the supporters onside to return to the forefront of the Scottish game.

They need to speak to their followers, find out what they are thinking and address their concerns.

Graham clearly realises that needs to happen and has taken positive action.

I have met him on a few occasions. He is smart guy.

He will tell them the truth - no matter how unpalatable it may be to them. He will not tell the fans about grandiose plans to join a European super-league.

Rangers have started engaging with their supporters - and they need to continue conversing with them in the future.

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