WHEN you take aggression away from some players they are not the same.

Like Roy Keane for instance. Would the former Manchester United midfielder have been the same without that raw desire? No chance.

I think Bilel Mohsni is like that in some respects. He is a passionate individual and if that trait was to be removed from his personality he would not be the same player.

But his ordering off against Brechin City last weekend was just sheer stupidity.

Kicking a ball away merits a yellow card. Kicking a ball at an opposing player, even if he did not mean it, is extreme foolishness.

The centre-half's sending off almost resulted in his side drawing against their part-time rivals at home.

I am sure Ally McCoist went berserk into the dressing room after the game.

It is not the first time the French-Tunisian has got in trouble as a result of his indiscipline.

Rangers now have to take on Ayr United at Somerset Park on Saturday week without their two first-choice centre-backs.

Both Bilel and Lee McCulloch - who is suspended after picking up six bookings - will be missing in that difficult away tie.

I know Ally had a word with Bilel at Murray Park this week.

Hopefully, he will take on board what was said to him before it costs the team dearly.

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