AFTER extending their lead at the top of the SPFL Premiership with a win over St Mirren last weekend, Celtic have a change of competition tomorrow as they prepare to face Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup.

The one thing you want from a cup draw is to be handed a home tie and, while Celtic have been given one of the hardest games they could have got, they are at Parkhead.

Yes, they have lost to Morton there this season, but I don't see another upset on the cards this weekend.

There is a different feeling around a cup tie as opposed to a league game. Celtic know if they slip up in the league it won't cost them in the long run, but if they aren't at their best tomorrow they could see their hopes of winning the Scottish Cup - and the double - killed off.

However, I think the players will want to take the form they have shown in the league into the cup and keep their unbeaten run going until the end of the season.

Aberdeen will come and have a go and there is plenty at stake for the Hoops.

The Dons have had an excellent season so far under Derek McInnes, who has some really good players in his squad. But I think Celtic will be too strong for them.

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