LEIGH GRIFFITHS was paraded in front of the Celtic fans at half-time last Sunday, but I think they will have to wait a bit longer to see him pull on the Hoops for real.

He will be itching to play in the Scottish Cup game against Aberdeen tomorrow and will be looking to get a debut goal as well, but I don't think Leigh will play from the start. I'd imagine he would be on the bench and come on at some stage.

I could be wrong, but I reckon Anthony Stokes is likely to be given the nod to partner Kris Commons at the head of the attack.

There is no rule when bedding new players into a team. It depends how the side is doing and on the player's fitness and sharpness and it is, of course, up to Neil if he sees fit to pitch him straight in this weekend.

Leigh played in the Under-20 game with Partick Thistle earlier in the week to help build him up, but it will take time for him to get used to his new team-mates and the way Neil sets the team up.

Leigh has already shown that he can score goals in Scotland. What Neil will be aiming to do is improve his all-round game and enable him to make an impact in the Champions League.

Only time will tell if Leigh can make that step up. First and foremost, however, he has to do well domestically and he has between now and the end of the season to get settled in and, hopefully, get himself a few goals as well.

He will know how big a chance this is. Playing alongside quality players can only help. He is still young and he has a lot of talent and hopefully he will prove to be another good bit of business from Neil.

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