SUPPORT for Michel Platini's sin-bin idea seems to be growing ahead of the meeting to discuss the plan next month.

I was known to like a tackle, but I believe I did so fairly, as the fact I was only sent off once in my career confirms.

The interpretation adopted by refs today means a lot of what we were permitted to do would be outlawed, but I reckon I could adapt without fearing a card every time I went in for a challenge.

This sin-bin idea is supposed to remove an errant player from the action for 10 minutes.

I reckon the concept simply panders to the showbusiness side of the game.

Ice hockey was first to adopt it, and rugby has followed. But I can't see how it would improve football as a spectacle

If a manager had a player removed, he would simply tell his remaining men to sit deeper until their team-mate came back on.

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