GORDON STRACHAN named his Scotland squad for the game with Poland a week on Wednesday and I think he has a good group of players at his disposal once again.

He has brought a bit of positivity back to the squad and the country in recent months and we have a chance to continue that against the Poles.

The majority of the squad will be well used to how Gordon operates by now and, while he has the strong basis of a group there, he is willing to bring fringe players in and give them a shot.

One of the major bonuses is having Manchester United's Darren Fletcher back following his recent battle with illness.

Having a player like him in the squad can only be a benefit and I am sure Darren will be delighted to have the chance to pull on a Scotland shirt again.

The draw for the European Championship qualifiers is made on Sunday and we will be in Pot 4.

We know that it won't be easy for us to qualify, but there is more confidence about the national team these days.

The game in Poland is the start of the long road that will hopefully take us to France in 2016.

And it is a chance for the players to catch the manager's eye and get themselves in the squad for when the real action starts later this year.

Let's hope some of them grab it.

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