RANGERS moved another step closer to the League One title with victory over Stranraer on Tuesday night as an early goal from Lee Wallace and a late one from Jon Daly got them over the line.

It has always been a matter of when, not if, Ally McCoist and his players would lift the silverware for the second successive season and the big moment could arrive against Dunfermline next month.

It would be great to win the league at Ibrox and in front of our own supporters but Ally won't mind where it is clinched, as long as it is.

Once the title has been sealed, I would imagine we would see a few fringe players get their chance to play between now and the end of the season and some kids get a taste of first-team football.

The fans are eager to see the youngsters get an opportunity and I think there will be game time for the likes of Luca Gasparotto and Craig Halkett, two defenders who have been doing well with the Under-20, plus a couple of others, in the weeks ahead.

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