RANGERS are the only club left in Britain with an unbeaten league record to their name and the challenge now for Ally McCoist and the players is to complete an undefeated campaign this season.

Ally's side have put together a terrific run of form to take them to the brink of the League One title and while I am sure he will look to mix things up in terms of his selection after the silverware has been lifted, he will be determined to keep this run going for as long as possible.

I think it will be in the back of the players' minds but I don't think it will be top of Ally's wishlist. Getting the title in the bag is the top priority.

That is more important than going through the season unbeaten but it is still something to aim for: you never know when you will have a chance to do it again.

If Rangers do go unbeaten, they probably won't get the recognition they deserve.

People will point out that it was achieved in the third tier of Scottish football but, at the end of the day, that is the division Rangers are in and all they can do is beat the teams in front of them.

It doesn't matter who you are, if you can go through the season without losing a league game is a great achievement and something to be proud of.

They will go down in the history books. It is over a hundred years since Rangers last did it, and it is something Ally would like on his CV.

I won the Treble twice during my career and there were long spells where we were undefeated.

Nobody ever felt that it would continue for the whole season, though. It wasn't something we thought about.

We were a good side and, on our day, if we played well then nobody would beat us. But you can't play well every game and you can easily be beaten, as Celtic found out on Tuesday night when they lost their unbeaten record to Aberdeen at Pittodrie. It only takes one slip-up and that is it over.

We didn't have it in our minds, even when we were winning Trebles, that we could go all season undefeated. We only lost a couple of games in a few seasons.

If Rangers can do it this season it would be a great feat, regardless of the league they are in.

People say that Rangers should be winning all the time because of the opposition they are facing and the money they have spent on players.

But you only need to look at some of the results this season, like Morton beating Celtic, Albion Rovers beating Motherwell and Hibs losing to Raith Rovers, to see that nothing is guaranteed in football and shocks do happen.

If you have an off day and the opposition play well, it can happen and you can lose.

Rangers are in that situation every week, teams are right up for it when they play them. They have got to be at their best in every game and, if they are not, then they struggle.

They have only dropped points in two games this season. In both of those games, they have conceded late on and it has cost them.

People say Rangers should be beating part-time teams easily but these teams are fit and they are giving it their all right until the final whistle.

In the cases of Stranraer and Stenhousemuir, it has paid off for them.

If Rangers have the right attitude and they play the way they can every week, there is only one winner.

It is only when they are off the boil and the other team has everyone fighting that they can lose it and suffer shocks that make huge headlines.

That is why Rangers need to make sure they are up for every game, especially if they want to keep this great run going all season.

The players can't think it will just happen for them, they have got to make it happen.

Sometimes it is not pretty but they are defending well and getting the goals to win games and that is all that matters at the moment.

Winning the league is the main aim for Rangers this season but it would make it extra special if they can do it without losing a game.

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