SCOTLAND return to action on Wednesday when they face Poland in a friendly but I don't think the match in Warsaw will have too much of a bearing on our Euro 2016 qualifiers with them when they come along.

I think the draw, which has seen us paired with Germany, the Republic of Ireland, Georgia and Gibraltar, alongside the Poles, is a hard one for us.

The top two from the group will qualify for the finals in France in 2016 but I think we have a chance of finishing third in Group D.

You have got to be realistic. We are getting better, there is no doubt about that, and Gordon Strachan is getting results, which is something we weren't getting before.

But if you are Ireland, Georgia or Poland then you are delighted to draw Scotland. They will be just as happy as people here are.

We do have a chance of qualifying but, at the moment, I wouldn't bet on it. I hope I am wrong. It would be great to see us finally end our wait for a major tournament return.

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