Left midfield, says Ronnie Cully

Left midfield, says Ronnie Cully

THERE is a changing dynamic in the Celtic set up at the moment, with the introduction of Stefan Johansen and the late blooming of Nir Biton.

Their growing contribution to the side is welcomed by Neil Lennon.

But the manager is having to do a bit of shuffling to give them the game time they need looking towards next season's Champions League qualifiers.

As a result, Mulgrew, like Scott Brown, is having to show his adaptability in the line up.

Mulgrew has, in the course of the last three games, played left midfield, left back and as a stand-in central defender at Aberdeen.

But, looking at the Parkhead team as a whole, at the moment, he is best serving the team in left midfield where his height, strength and passing ability is a real asset.

From there, Mulgrew's experience also tells him when he can get into attacking positions.

In front of back four, says Hugh MacDonald

CHARLIE MULGREW has been so versatile this season that one suspects that he may play in goal now Fraser Forster's clean-sheet record has gone.

Seriously, Mulgrew has moved about the Celtic formation with a ready adaptability. He can play at full-back, central defence, holding midfield, central midfield or wide on the left.

His best position, though, is sitting in front of the back four. It plays to his strengths as well as his weakness. The major flaw in his game is his lack of pace.

This is hardly a liability when he is covering a central defensive partnership with his sharp brain, his power in the air and his sheer physicality.

But, crucially, it allows Mulgrew the opportunity to display the range and accuracy of his passing.

The Scottish internationalist should be used for club and country as both a creative and a destructive force. Sitting in front of the back four allows him to do both.

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