Yes, says Matthew Lindsay

Yes, says Matthew Lindsay

RANGERS will almost certainly win the SPFL Championship next season even if Ally McCoist is unable to bring in new players.

In fact, they will probably still be favourites to win promotion to the top flight if, as could very well happen, the squad at Ibrox is reduced this summer.

Despite their third-tier status, the Gers still have the second highest players' wage bill in the country. But that is not to say that McCoist is wrong to be concerned about the stand-off between a section of the Light Blues support and the board.

Nor is he incorrect to hope for fresh funds to bring in new players during the close season.

His position has come under scrutiny this season even though his side is unbeaten in League One and is still involved in the Ramsdens Cup and the William Hill Scottish Cup.

The pressure on him will simply intensify if he does not improve his side and their results suffer in a full-time league.

No, says John McGill

RANGERS chief executive Graham Wallace is currently conducting a restructuring project at Ibrox and has already stated that the player wage bill is too great for an SPFL Premiership club never mind a League One club.

Wallace's predecessors, Charles Green and Craig Mather, have a huge amount to answer for. They sanctioned the signing of the current squad on their current wages.

Now the Glasgow club is haemorrhaging money as a result. Cutbacks will almost certainly need to be made to enable them to live within their means in the future.

It is easy to understand why Ally McCoist wants to sign new players and try to improve his squad in the close season. What manager doesn't?

But McCoist should, hard though it may be, try to accept that times are tough and endeavour to, for the time being at least, make the most of what he has at his disposal.

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