THE Scotland performance against Poland in Warsaw on Wednesday night was not the greatest.

But so what? We won the game. That is ultimately what matters in football.

And, with our 2016 qualifying campaign looming on the horizon, getting another positive result was hugely important.

We will face tougher games against better opposition as we bid to make it to the finals in France.

Our next game against Poland, for instance, will be harder as they will have their striker Robert Lewandowski back.

But to go over there and beat them was fantastic and continues the resurgence of the national team under Gordon Strachan.

That is five games undefeated now. We are going in the right direction.

Yes, the display was not overly impressive. But how many times in the past have Scotland played well and ended up losing?

I am all for playing poorly and winning games. It is much preferable.

There were hardly any call-offs before the game. That shows that our lads enjoy being involved with Scotland and want to play for Gordon.

It is important not to get carried away. The time to get victories is when the competitive games start. And I still think it will, despite what people are saying, be hard to qualify.

But we have got some good momentum going and we are becoming difficult to beat.

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