MY views on Dave King have not altered over the last month or so.

I am still a Dave King man.

I have stated repeatedly in this column during the previous couple of years not to rule him out of the equation at Rangers.

And he has certainly become a major player in the ongoing off-field problems at the Ibrox club in the last week or so.

I do not necessarily agree with the stance he has taken against the current board.

But, for me, there are two things which mean he has to be taken seriously and has to be listened to.

Firstly, Rangers need money. Secondly, Dave King has got money to give.

I think it is positive that the two parties will meet next week.

I think they should lock the doors until an agreement is reached and Dave King has agreed to get involved in the club in some capacity.

In Graham Wallace, the club has a chief executive who knows football and knows how to run a football club. He is good for Rangers.

So, too, would Dave King. He is a lifelong supporter and has got money he is keen to invest. He has put in £20m in the past.

I would like to see the two of them work together for the betterment of the Glasgow giants. Perhaps King could go on to the board to represent the interests of the supporters.

What matters now is what is best for Rangers Football Club. It should not be about individuals - it should be about the club.

I appreciate that the statement and counter-statement by Dave and the club have not been harmonious.

But I would like to think that the tit-for-tat being played out in the media could stop and some sort of compromise could be reached.

With his wealth, his business brains and his strong allegiances, Dave King could be part of a winning formula at Rangers.

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