THE first silverware of the season will be won on Sunday.

Judging by how ticket sales have gone in Aberdeen and Inverness, it is going to be a great occasion.

The League Cup needs that. It's always been considered very much the third prize available, behind the championship and the Scottish Cup.

Over the years, they have tried to reformat the event to give it bit more pep, but it still lives in the shadow of the other two trophies.

Mind you, it's a very different story when you are involved in the final, either as a player or a manager. And I dare say it's the same for the fans.

I won my first medal with Celtic in the League Cup final win over St Johnstone in 1969 - and I thought it would be the first of many.

Little did I know I'd end up on the losing side in the next FOUR League Cup finals we contested - including 1971 when Partick Thistle beat us 4-1.

It's always been a bit of a bogy competition for Celtic, as this season's exit to Morton reminds us.

But, I still have a soft spot for the League Cup. And winning it with Livingston 10 years ago when they were in administration remains one of the highlights of my managerial career.

I know Derek McInnes and John Hughes will feel the same way if they can get their hands on the cup this weekend.

It would mean so much to Inverness to win their first trophy.

But, having gone so long since they last won anything, Aberdeen would celebrate this victory every bit as much.

If the Dons can do it, it would give them a massive boost towards collecting the double - and I reckon their name is on this cup.

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