THERE is no doubt that the next couple of days are massive for Rangers.

Dave King's meeting with the supporters' groups and the directors represent two hugely important occasions.

Two years ago I warned that this man should never be written off and he has proven me right.

King had already been in England speaking to potential investors in the club before he travelled to Glasgow for his appointment with the Ibrox board today. Then he will meet supporters and Union of Fans members to discuss a way forward for Rangers.

I really hope King gets the answers that he is looking for from the directors.

There are two certainties in all of this: the first is that Gers badly need fresh investment and the second is that King has that investment.

What he will be looking for is complete transparency and, hopefully if he gets that, then there will be a way forward that will be for the best for Rangers.

From where I am sitting I just wish you could put the two parties in the same room, throw away the key and not open it up again until we had a solution.

Clearly, even if King gets the answers he is looking for and is prepared to reinvest - and we are talking about an individual who put £20million in the club before it was consigned to liquidation in June 2012 - then he will have requirements attached to any fresh cash he would be willing to inject.

But I don't think Rangers can be choosy in this situation.

They need King's cash and they need the supporters behind the club foursquare. If that means that Paul Murray has a seat on the Gers' board to safeguard King's interests then they will have to swallow it.

I really do hope that a working relationship between both parties can be established.

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