RANGERS fans can have few complaints about the relentless manner in which Ally McCoist's side have romped to League One glory this season.

But the challenge now for the Ibrox boss, and his board, is to keep up the momentum over the summer as they prepare for an assault on the Championship next term.

McCoist has the nucleus of a squad capable of a third straight title win and Craig Houston of the Sons of Struth is confident the Light Blue legions will have plenty to cheer once again.

He told SportTimes: "You can't say anything about the results other than that they have been fantastic.

"When you are at the games and watching the team the performance is very important but when you look back, it is the result you remember.

"In a year from now or ten years from now, we will only look at the fact that we have won as many games as we have.

"I am sure we had some bad performances during the nine-in-a-row years but I can't remember them now, you only remember the good ones and the success we had.

"The fans are frustrated when the team plays poorly but after you have won the league, it is the results that have mattered.

"I am sure the manager will be looking to add to the squad for the Championship next season. It will be the most competitive league in Scotland and Rangers, with the support we have, deserve nothing other than going straight up and a team capable of going straight up. I would hope the manager gets the support he wants in that regards.

"Every year, every club wants to improve and the fans want their team to get better.

"There are players that will move on and others will come in.

"We don't want to be replacing the quality we have, we need to be adding to it and strengthening."

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