IT would be a real shame if David Templeton and Andy Little don't make the Ramsdens Cup final, and losing both of them to injury at this stage of the season is a real blow.

Andy had his best half of the campaign before he had to come off against Airdrie and David was excellent that night, too.

They looked hungry and sharp and they both made a huge impact in the first half.

Templeton was taking players on and making things happen and Little linked up really well with Jon Daly. His running and movement was excellent and he looked in fine form.

It was looking really good for Rangers but then, within the space of a couple of minutes towards the end of the half, both of them had to go off.

They are both facing a few weeks out of action now and it is a huge blow to Ally.

I am sure he would have been looking for both David and Andy to play a big part between now and the end of the season and hopefully we haven't seen the last of them and they can come back as soon as possible.

But, as the manager would say, you can't afford to focus on the ones that aren't there.

You have to concentrate on the ones that are there and the players you have available.

They will both be missed, especially if they don't make the Ramsdens Cup final against Raith Rovers or the Scottish Cup semi with Dundee United.

But Ally has options in the forward area and it is up to those players to impress now.

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