RANGERS have two huge games coming up next month and Ally McCoist will want the players to be as fresh as possible for the cup ties with Raith Rovers and Dundee United.

But that won't mean resting them for long periods and risk losing momentum in League One ahead of those games.

Young lads like Charlie Telfer, Craig Halkett and Luca Gasparotto are pushing for a place in the first team after doing really well for the Under-20s.

Ally will want to give them a run to see if they are going to be good enough to be in the squad in the Championship.

The fans love seeing young players come through the ranks and Ally has said he will give the players who deserve it a chance to play, but he knows his side have to keep winning games, too.

There are still a few matches left so he has an opportunity to give them a good run at it and see what they are made of.

It will mean the big players get a rest ahead of the Raith and United games coming up and they should then be fresh.

You have to keep them ticking over, but we need to know if the kids are going to be good enough to play for us next season.

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