NEIL LENNON believes Celtic are currently in a great place, on the brink of thee-in-a-row and making millions in profit.

But the Hoops boss predicts even better times lie ahead.

Four years after lifting the club from the doldrums following Tony Mowbray's damaging 10 months in charge, he is as excited as ever to be leading the buoyant Bhoys.

And, with Rangers expected to be back to add some edge before much longer, Lennon's competitive juices are flowing.

He said: "We're in a good position, and have had to work very, very hard to get here.

"We don't spend the money I'd like, but I understand that because of where we are and the position we are in.

"But that will be a short-term thing. And, in the next four or five years, I think we will look very, very strong."

Not that Lennon is predicting a return to the days of regularly spending £6million on players.

"We're not in the position we were 10 or 12 years ago," he added. "But we may be again if things start to change.

"There's no question that, when Rangers come back, that will certainly boost their coffers - but it will certainly boost ours, as well."

Lennon is trying to build a firm foundation to prepare for these better times.

And the Celtic manager is content with what he has achieved.

"It's four years now, and it does fly," he said.

"We've made significant progress in that time, and we are on the brink of another championship, which is very exciting.

"Behaviour-wise and experience-wise, you do grow into it and you are maybe not as histrionic on the touchline as you used to be."

Lennon added: "But you are still as competitive as ever.

"The hurt still doesn't go away when you lose games, and the competitive juices are still there.

"But I have definitely made changes in my touchline behaviour."