ALMOST certainly this will be the last Celtic championship success that Georgios Samaras will play a part in.

I firmly believe that the big Greek striker should be judged positively on his contribution to the club, if, as seems certain, he moves on this summer.

The big problem is that Sammy has not consistently delivered and that has been very frustrating for the fans.

When you look at his performances against Barcelona and the likes of Spartak Moscow, in the Champions League, he has proven that he can produce against the very best, when in the mood.

Probably that group campaign in Europe's top competition last season was the high point of Samaras' career. I will always wonder what he might have been able to achieve if he had been able to turn in his best performances on a more regular basis.

At 29, and having been with the Parkhead club for six years, it looks like it is time for the striker to move on and it will be fascinating to see just where his destination will lie this summer.

But in the games that he still features in between now and the end of the season, I hope the Celtic support will remember just how much Georgios Samaras has contributed in so many big games for the club.

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