WILLIE LIMOND has admitted his frustration as he waits by the phone to hear which title trail his Indian summer will take him down.

Over the last week the Commonwealth light-welterweight champion has seen negotiations for a possible Glasgow European title challenge breakdown.

It is uncertain whether Limond's route to a British title tilt will need to take him though a final eliminator before he gets a third crack at the Lonsdale belt there is also the possibility that Limond may defend his own title next up.

But while all of that uncertainty has been going on, Willie has made sure he remains in top shape as he waits from a call from promoter Tommy Gilmour to confirm his next opponent.

The 35-year-old said: "It has been frustrating but I have been in this game for long enough to know that things can change with just one phone call. I also know that Tommy Gilmour has been working overtime on my behalf and have been in his office when Tommy has made the calls.

"We were very close to agreeing a challenge for the European light-welterweight title against the Italian Michele Di Rocco, but he has opted to defend the title against another Italian in Rome in May.

"When it comes to the British title, initially I had been asked to fight a final eliminator with Chris Jenkinson, but now that the British champion Curtis Woodhouse has decided not to retire, he is saying on Twitter that he fancies a bit of me.

"Then, of course, I have not defended my own Commonwealth title since last June, against Mitch Prince. So it seems that right now there are all of these balls in the air and we are waiting for one of them to land.

"But I have total faith in Tommy Gilmour. I have had five fights under him and one was a British title fight I lost and two have been Commonwealth title fights, both of which I have won.

"So I know that there is nobody better out there to make things happen for me than Tommy."

Limond's preferred option would be a double domestic belt bust-up with Woodhouse with the Commonwealth and British titles both up for grabs.

Should the Glaswegian prevail it would boost his European ranking of six and possibly push him into mandatory challenger status for a tilt at Di Rocco if he holds onto his belt.

But St Andrew's club supremo Gilmour is determined to fill Limond's Indian summer with title glory. Gilmour said: "We know that, at 35, Willie is at the stage in his career where he has to make the most of every fight.

"He is Commonwealth champion and I am determined to do everything I can to give him the opportunity to add to that title as quickly as possible."