NEIL LENNON and his players will have to wait until the final day of the Premiership campaign to get their hands on the silverware once again.

We now know that it will be Dundee United who will visit Parkhead that day after the SPFL announced the post-split fixtures yesterday.

I think it will be a good day to round off the season and I am sure there will be a carnival atmosphere at Celtic Park as the fans come along to show their appreciation to the players and the staff and see the trophy.

By the time the presentation is made, Celtic will have had the title wrapped up for several weeks but it is a good occasion for the supporters to see the team lift the cup.

There may be a few weeks until the party but Neil won't be allowing his players to ease off as the campaign draws to a close over the next couple of weeks.

And the last game could well be a cracker as Dundee United look to haul in Aberdeen and Motherwell in the race for second place.

Jackie McNamara's side could also be gearing up for a Scottish Cup final, which will be played the following weekend, as well.

United have done well this season so it could prove to be an exciting end to the season.

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