J UST a week ago, Rangers fans were looking forward to a cup final and a semi-final and what could have been a fantastic end to the season.

But now they are heading into Saturday's game with Dundee United in a different mindset after a pretty tough few days for the club.

The fall-out from Sunday's Ramsdens Cup final loss to Raith Rovers continues and now Ally McCoist has to pick his squad up for what is going to be a really difficult game this weekend.

Rangers do have good players but they have not been performing for a couple of months. They have been getting results but they have been struggling and not playing well for too long.

There is no doubt we should have won the game last weekend, especially when you look at the chances we created, but the luck ran out for a group of players that have been doing just enough to avoid slip-ups in the last few weeks.

United are favourites to get through to the final and that is why they have sold so many tickets: the fans are heading to Ibrox expecting to win.

They have got the better side and Rangers, coming off the defeat to Raith, have really got to lift themselves.

But it is a semi-final of the major cup competition in Scotland, and it is at Ibrox, so if they can't raise their game for a day like that then what does that say about them?

It certainly won't be easy for Rangers but it is a game that they can win and they need to put in a performance for the club and the fans.

We have said for the last couple of years that if Rangers play well then they are going to win every game in the Scottish lower leagues but if they don't then there is every chance that they will drop points and lose games.

Now, it is the opposite. If United play well then I don't see Rangers being able to win.

Ally and the players will be hoping that some of the United lads take stage fright at Ibrox and don't perform to their full potential on the day.

I don't see Ally going 4-4-2 against what is a superior side. He will look to pack the midfield and then try to get support to Jon Daly up front.

It won't be a Rangers team that will go out and attack United - they don't have the players to do that just now.

Jackie McNamara's side are a team to be reckoned with going forward. The likes of Nadir Ciftci, Ryan Gauld and Gary Mackay-Steven are excellent players and will pose a real threat but Rangers know that they can get a result.

Nobody would have bet Morton to beat Celtic, nobody would have bet Albion Rovers to beat Motherwell but it happened and can do again.

If Rangers beat United this weekend I think that will be another result in that category of cup shock.

I doubt there will be many Rangers fans that will go to Ibrox expecting their team to win on Saturday. If we do then it will be a real upset.

If Rangers can win, it would be a massive step forward for them after a hard few years.

If Ally and the players can get into the final, it would top off what has been a decent season overall for them.

They have won the league comfortably and it would be a magnificent feat to get to the Scottish Cup final.

My heart obviously says a Rangers win - it would be fantastic to get to the final after everything we have gone through in the last couple of years - but my head says Dundee United will win it.

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