IT'S heady days for Scotland, with the jump of 15 places to 22nd in the Fifa rankings.

How much store you put into these positions tends to depend on whether you are rising or falling in the table.

But what we can all agree on is that Gordon Strachan's positivity is now being mirrored in results and the rankings.

That's more important than who we have climbed above or dropped below, especially with European Championship qualifiers on the horizon.

There is one more international to play before this season of big improvement is over.

And, while a friendly against Nigeria in London at the end of May might not hold the greatest appeal to players who have had a long season, and whose club campaign might have ended three or four weeks earlier, it will be important to Gordon.

I recall Jock Stein approaching me when I had been selected for an end-of-season tour with Scotland and asking if I really thought going away was in the best interests of the club and myself. I got the message.

But there has been a low call-off rate during Gordon's time in charge, and that's another indicator of the squad spirit he has built.

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