BERAM KAYAL has taken his first steps towards a future with Celtic after his performance against Dundee United at the weekend.

After his comments in an Israeli newspaper about wanting to move on and decrying the technical level of the game in this country, the midfielder had a lot to prove when put back into the side by Neil Lennon.

But in his first 90 minutes for four months there was a reminder of what Beram has to offer, when he's in the mood.

The manager clearly retains confidence in him. But the harder part for Beram might be winning back the support of fans who would not take kindly to his outspoken views.

I'd say it's 50-50 that he will get everyone back behind him, and I would give the same odds on whether he gets offered a new contract to replace the one which is due to run out next summer.

It should not be forgotten Neil had enough faith in Beram to start him in Champions League games this season before he broke his foot.

So what happens next is really down to the player and how he applies himself.

He is still only 25, but has to prove he is a good as he seems to believe.

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