DAVE KING last night stepped up his war of words with the Rangers board.

He has posed four key questions he says must be answered before supporters should be expected to buy season tickets.

King and nine-in-a-row winning captain Richard Gough have set up an escrow account for fans to put season book cash into rather than it being given straight to the club, with the South Africa-based businessman also encouraging supporters not to buy official Rangers merchandise while the financial future of the League One champions is in doubt.

And the former Ibrox director has urged the board to give yes or no answers to the following questions in order to allay fans fears' just days after they were asked to stump up for increased-price briefs for the 2014/15 campaign.

a) Does the board agree it is unfair to ask fans to buy season tickets before they consider the business review?

b) Does the board agree that, given the present

financial position of the club, it is appropriate to provide Ibrox Park and Murray Park as security against season ticket advances?

c) Does the board agree that in the latter half of December 2013 it was in discussions to obtain finance that would be needed prior to the end of the current season?

d) Does the board agree that in the latter half of December 2013 it provided public assurances to the fans that the club had sufficient cash to last until the end of the current season?

Rangers have blasted King's proposals that could affect their ability to continue as a going concern amid more financial problems at Ibrox.

In an exclusive interview with SportTimes last month, King revealed that he could plough up to £50million into Rangers to ensure they are in shape on and off the park ahead of their likely

return to the SPFL Premiership the season after next.

And his plans have been given a warm welcome by supporters, including backing from the Rangers Union of Fans, as tensions have continued to rise between the boardroom and terraces.

King said: "This board continues its habit of evading issues by attacking the integrity of any individual or group that speaks out against them.

"I am happy to engage the board on our comparative integrity. Unlike this board, I do not regard integrity as a character attribute that comes with an ON/OFF switch."

The latest move from King comes just days after he launched an astonishing attack on the under-fire Ibrox hierarchy, with chairman David Somers taking the brunt of his criticism.

The former Ibrox director and supporter groups had agreed to a vow of

silence with the board while chief executive Graham Wallace completed work on his 120-day review of Rangers' on and off field operations.

But King was forced to speak out after the club distributed season ticket renewal letters to thousands of fans, with King claiming Somers had intimated that Wallace's blueprint will only be revealed once punters' cash has been banked.

The board responded by saying that the statement would be dealt with by the club's lawyers but King has once again pulled no punches as he accused them of an 'ill-judged attempt to discredit' him.

Rangers denied that the review would be made available prior to renewals being sent out but King has challenged that version of events, referring to his statement in the aftermath of a meeting with the board in March.

King said: "At the time the board allowed my public statement, in toto, to go unchallenged.

"Presumably, it had no concern with what I

stated. Again, we have an integrity issue but fortunately have common sense as a referee.

"We know that the board did not challenge my public statement of last month.

"It is also common cause that the vital issue for the fans is to be told what ambition the owners have for the club and how this is going to be funded.

"It must be obvious that the fans need this information prior to investing - not after."