RANGERS fans have hit out at the Ibrox board for blanking showdown talks over a proposal that will see supporters pool season ticket cash this summer.

Businessman Dave King last week confirmed an escrow account will be set up, with legend Richard Gough the other trustee, to allow punters to put season book money in before being given to the club.

The Rangers Union of Fans have requested a meeting with chief executive Graham Wallace to discuss the way forward after months of animosity between the terraces and boardroom.

But the group will now press ahead with the trust fund proposals and have once again called for Ibrox and Murray Park assurances to be given to supporters before millions of pounds-worth of money is handed over.

A UoF statement said: "For the past two weeks we have, through a third party, put forward a plan to Graham Wallace which would have seen a security over Ibrox and Auchenhowie granted to trustees in favour of ALL season ticket holders. The security would have diminished as games were played and would have been discharged at the end of next season.

"We felt this would provide the board with an opportunity to build trust with fans over a reasonable period of time.

"We have received no response from the board to this proposal, or to the offer of a meeting to discuss things amicably.

"This board's public pronouncements about engagement and trust are a sham. To be clear, had the board complied, it would have meant that we would not have needed to collect season ticket money in a separate account.

"It would have allowed the fans and the club to carry on with renewals as normal and would have removed any element of confrontation from the process."

Rangers have previously hit out at the plans put forward by former director King and backed by thousands of supporters, claiming the plans to withhold cash this summer could hurt the club financially.

King last week blasted the under-fire board for sending out season ticket renewal letters before Wallace had made the details of his 120-day review available to shareholders and supporters.

The South Africa-based businessman has pledged to invest up to £50million if he can assume power at Ibrox and has urged fans not to renew their briefs for the 2014/15 campaign and to boycott all official club merchandise.

The UoF said: "We do not consider that there is any prospect of this action forcing the club into administration.

"It would be a gross dereliction of directors' duties for this board to allow that to happen when substantial investment is on offer to them and when they can ensure they receive all season ticket money by securing Ibrox and Auchenhowie in favour of season ticket holders.

"We also have concerns that, even with all the season ticket money available to them, they will not be able to complete the season without further investment.

"Furthermore we reject suggestions this will push the board into securing Ibrox in return for further loans.

"Again, this would be in breach of their directorial duties when they would first have to reject a more favourable offer from the fans."

After the Rangers board hit back at King on Friday night, he returned to the front line on Sunday and laid out four key questions fans should demand be answered before they stump up for season tickets.

The UoF statement added: "We will be extremely interested to hear the board's answers to the four questions posed by Dave King in his latest statement.

"Our fans have an opportunity to safeguard Ibrox - we sincerely hope they do not succumb to emotional blackmail from people who know nothing about what our club means to us."

In response to fan concerns, Rangers said in a statement last night: "The board of Rangers Football Club notes the concern of supporters around the timing of release of an update from the Club's business review ahead of the renewal deadline for season tickets.

"The board confirms, in accordance with its previous announcements, that the business review will be completed as planned and an update will be issued to shareholders and supporters on April 25, ahead of the season ticket renewal deadline as previously indicated."