GRAHAM WALLACE is scheduled to complete his 120-day business review at Ibrox today but the club confirmed this week that we will need to wait until next Friday to get an update on his findings.

There is no doubt that Graham inherited a mess when he became chief executive last year and he has spent a lot of time going through every aspect of the club, both on and off the field for the last few months.

There is a lot of talk about the financial situation at Ibrox just now but we have had some good news in the last couple of days with the 32Red shirt sponsorship deal being announced. That is money coming into the club and that is a positive.

The negative aspect of Graham's review is that I would imagine there would have to be cuts made somewhere along the line and the squad will probably have to be narrowed down.

Most fans worry about the football side of it and what they see on the pitch. We don't know the true financial picture, that is up to the board, but, on the pitch, we want to see Rangers going forward and progressing.

If there are players that the manager feels aren't good enough and do leave in the summer, hopefully they can be moved on and a better quality of player can come in.

I don't think we will be buying anyone but I would hope that two or three quality players can come in if five or six leave at the end of the season.

Ally, like all managers, is looking at players at the moment and looking for ways to strengthen his squad.

He has confirmed he has already spoken to two players about coming to Ibrox next season and he will be eager to get deals done as soon as possible.

But the problem for Ally is that he doesn't know what his budget will be and therefore he can't go and put an offer on the table to anyone.

He has to sit and talk with Graham and get a plan sorted as quickly as they can. There is no doubt that Rangers will have to strengthen for the Championship.

People will point to the money that they have spent already to win the Third Division and League One but while they have been winning games, some of the performances haven't been good enough.

THEY do need two or three quality players to come in and help them out. Ally said at the start of the week he fears they could get left behind this summer and that has to be a major concern.

If he can't speak to players and line them up to come in, he could miss out on the ones he wants. Agents won't wait about and hold back looking for a deal from Rangers.

They want the best for their player and if Rangers can't put the money on the table then they will be off elsewhere. It is imperative that, sooner rather than later, the manager knows what he can and can't do.

Ally also confirmed this week that decisions had been made on the five out of contract players. Steve Simonsen, Chris Hegarty, Emilson Cribari, Kyle Hutton and Andy Little are all free to leave the club this summer and they are all guys that have played in the first team.

With Simonsen, Rangers have young Scott Gallagher there as back-up, so he might be one to leave. I don't see Gallagher wanting to go back out on loan again, he will want to push for his place at Rangers.

Hutton and Little have played their part this season but we have not seen a lot of Cribari due to the form of Lee McCulloch and Bilel Mohsni or Hegarty due to injury.

There are big decisions to be made and if Ally decides to let any of them go, he will need to be confident that he will get the chance to bring other players in.

Those five players will be wary that they could be the first ones out the door, though. That is not being disrespectful to them but it could come down to finance and the need to cut costs at the end of the day.

Ally has got a balance to strike between quality and quantity.

There is a lot of talking to be done between the management and the board, everyone knows that the squad needs improving.

I would think money would be made available for Ally to strengthen his squad and then it will be up to him to make sure he gets the right players at the right time and the right price to take Rangers to the Championship title next season.

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