THERE are three Rangers stars nominated in the PFA Scotland Player of the Year shortlist for League One but, for me, there can only be one winner … and that is Lee Wallace.

Jon Daly, Nicky Law and Lee were all voted for by their peers, as well as Ayr United's Michael Moffat, to be in the running for the gong, with the winner set to be named in a couple of weeks.

I don't think there is any doubt that Lee has been the best player, and by some distance, at Ibrox this season and he certainly deserves to get the award.

I would imagine he would get the Rangers awards as well and round off what has been an excellent season for him.

He has been extremely consistent and the best player on the park in the majority of the games Rangers have played in League One.

Nicky started the season really well, but he has faded in the last few months and not turned in the level of performances the Rangers fans were expecting from him.

And, while big Jon has done the same recently, anyone who scores the amount of goals he has is always going to be right up there.

But it is Wallace who should pick up the award and it would be greatly deserved after a wonderful season. He took the decision to stay with Rangers, which he should be commended for, and his attitude has been terrific.

He treats these games as if they are European ties, he works hard, he is committed and his level of performance has been so consistent.

His runs up and down the left flank have been such a huge part of Rangers' game, he has been excellent at the back and shown his quality in the final third as well.

For me, he is the only man who should win the award.

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