BERAM KAYAL has changed his tune on where he sees his future within the matter of weeks.

Not so long ago he was quoted in an Israeli newspaper saying that he wanted to move on from Celtic in the summer.

Now the midfielder has revealed he is very happy at Parkhead and would like to stay.

It is quite a turnaround to say the least.

But it all comes down to one thing - the fact that now he is playing again at Parkhead.

I think that his previous remarks were borne from a frustration that he was not involved in Neil Lennon's first team.

He should probably not have said what he did.

But he did so because he had not been featuring that much.

Now he is back in the side he has made a complete 180 degree u-turn.

To be fair to Beram, he has struggled with injuries. But when he is fit he can be a highly effective player for the Scottish champions.

He is only in his mid-20s and has many years of his career left ahead of him.

He has been at Celtic for a few years now and understands the demands of playing for the club. He has a great deal of experience.

I think that remaining injury-free and getting a decent pre-season under his belt will enable him to rediscover his best form and play a far greater role.

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