I WAS part of a group of young players who broke into the first team at Celtic at the same time who became known as the Quality Street Gang.

As well as myself, George Connelly, Kenny Dalglish, Danny McGrain and others all came through at Parkhead in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Well, a lot of movies have sequels. You have had films like Rambo II. So I think it is high time we had a Quality Street Gang II.

And I see no reason why that can't happen at the Hoops in the seasons ahead.

Neil Lennon spoke this week of his desire for the Celtic kids who have impressed in their first-team appearances of late to do the same for three, four, five seasons.

It is an admirable ambition for Neil to have and one that I can see his up-and-coming charges realising in the near future.

James Forrest is already firmly established in the side. And Liam Henderson is certainly capable of doing that.

Promoting kids into the first team reduces the need to go and source, and then pay for, talent from elsewhere. Fans also relate to a youngster who has come through the ranks.

With Chris McCart in charge of the youngsters, ably abetted by coaches like Stevie Frail, John Kennedy, Tommy McIntyre and Miodrag Krivokapic, it is certainly possible.

I am sure the best of the kids are looking at the likes of Liam Henderson and thinking: "If he can do it so can I!"

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