THE PFA Manager of the Year shortlist was announced this week and, for me, there is only one winner - Neil Lennon.

It is the Celtic boss that gets my vote and who deserves the award.

Yes, it has been a disappointing campaign in terms of the cups, Neil would have wanted to do a lot better than getting knocked out early by Morton and Aberdeen.

But Celtic have won the Premiership title so convincingly and played some really good stuff on the way.

People often mention his budget compared to some of the other teams in the league but that shouldn't be a handicap to recognising managerial achievement.

The other candidates - Stuart McCall, Derek McInnes and Tommy Wright - have all done well and had good seasons with their respective clubs.

Derek has won the League Cup with Aberdeen, St Johnstone are in the Scottish Cup final and Motherwell are up there in the table once again.

But it is Neil who has won the league, and done so by some margin.

It is a huge task to manage Celtic and he has handled the expectation to guide his side to the title and deserves to be named the Manager of the Year when the awards are handed out.

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