I WAS sad to see David Moyes sacked by Manchester United this week, but it sums up football in England these days.

It has been a disappointing season at Old Trafford and David knows that. But I think the final straw would have come at the weekend when it was confirmed United could no longer make the Champions League.

That is when it would have hit home for the owners and they have decided to make the call to get rid of David this week.

When he signed a six-year deal to replace Sir Alex Ferguson in the summer, he would have thought he would get a lot longer than nine months in the job and to assert himself on the club and the team.

But the Glazer family have decided to make the decision now and he finds himself out of a job less than one season in.

David will be disappointed at the way things have worked out and his pride will be hurting at the moment.

In time, though, he will be looking to get back into the game and having another go at management, whether that is in England or abroad.

He will be sore just now and he will be thinking where it all went wrong and what he could have done differently.

But time will help heal his wounds and he will come back stronger from this I am sure.

He has proven already that he is a good manager and, when he is ready to return to the dugout, there will be offers that will come his way and he will get a chance to show what he can do.

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