RANGERS fans have been appealing for honesty and transparency from the Ibrox board for a long time.

The business review from chief executive Graham Wallace yesterday gave it to them with both barrels.

The club is struggling. It is in desperate situation. It needs investment of £30million over the next three years.

Supporters are entitled to withhold season-ticket money this summer. But the review showed how much Rangers need the cash - and much more besides.

For the club to have frittered away nearly £70million in under two years is staggering. Accountants must be scratching their heads and asking: "How?"

I would now like to see the club outline exactly where the money has gone. For me, it has to be broken down. It is not the current board's fault it has gone. So why not show fans where it went? The club need to attract new investors and I think they need to talk to Dave King.

The Scot has said he is willing to invest up to £50million.

He is the only person who, as far as I know, has said he is prepared to put that sort of money in.

I have been a Dave King fan all along. I do not agree with him on everything.

But he is the only man prepared to invest heavily in Rangers and the board must speak to him because of that. Pronto.