IT is great news that the Auld Enemy derby between Scotland and England could be resurrected later this year.

For so long it was such an important part of the football calendar and one in which every football fan of a certain age probably has a stand-out memory.

Think about all the Scottish legends who have played in these games, like Slim Jim Baxter, Billy Bremner and, of course, Jimmy Johnstone.

Some players were made immortal by what they did against the English. The England game has been a huge miss from the footballing calendar and one I would welcome its return.

It is also the type of game that gets both the fans and the players excited and for any Celtic Scotland international, like Scott Brown for example, the fact that the game could be at Parkhead, would make it extra special.

To lead his country out on his home turf is something that I don't think Scott would ever forget.

I also believe with 80,000 fans having packed Wembley last year when the sides last met - Scotland lost 3-2 - underlines the fact this is a fixture for which there is still a huge demand.

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