No says Matthew Lindsay

No says Matthew Lindsay

THESE are dark and difficult days at Rangers without any question and it doesn't require a maths genius to figure that out.

Nobody can deny there is a need for redundancies at the Ibrox club.

Funds in the bank are dwindling, money is being lost every month and cutbacks have to be made.

Hard-working and in some cases long-serving staff will need to lose their jobs as a result.

And chief executive Graham Wallace is the man who has been charged with sorting out the mess made by successive regimes.

But accepting a hefty bonus for doing so is wrong, on many different levels.

It hinders the financial situation he is working to address. It damages morale that is already low among those operating under him.

It also dents confidence in him amongst a support that was sickened at how much his predecessor Charles Green took.

The last thing the fans need reminding of is a famous lyric from The Who: Here's the new boss, same as the old boss.

Wallace should, then, waive his bonus for the good of the club at this delicate time.

Way of the world says John McGill

Rangers fans were deeply unhappy at how the Ibrox club was run by first Charles Green and then Craig Mather.

Green became something of a joke figure during his tenure with his madcap pronouncements. And there were always suspicions that Mather was not up to the task.

So when Graham Wallace, an experienced professional with a proven track record at Manchester City, was appointed most Gers supporters were delighted.

Here, they hoped, was at last a man with the authority and wherewithal to bring order and financial stability to the troubled Glasgow institution.

Well, maybe so. But you do not attract an official who has worked in the same role in the Barclays Premier League without paying

top dollar.

You do not ask a highly qualified individual to devote the time, energy and expertise to sorting out such a mess without remunerating him handsomely.

Yes, it is desperately sad that good people are losing their jobs due to the misdeeds of others.

However, the reality of big business dictates that decent money, including a sizeable bonus, has to be paid to whoever carries out that painful process. The alternative is to go back to the questionable stewardship of his predecessors.

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