ALLY McCoist today revealed that Rangers players and coaching staff will NOT receive bonuses for going through their league season unbeaten.

The Ibrox manager ruled out any performance perk for the team that strolled to the SPFL League One title.

Asked if his charges would receive anything extra in their pay packets for their achievement, he replied: "No, there is no bonus at all. They didn't get anything last year and there is nothing for them this year. That includes the staff here."

McCoist's comments come after it emerged Ibrox chief executive Graham Wallace could collect a 100% bonus this season.

Wallace, paid an annual salary of £315,000, is entitled to that amount if both he and the Ibrox club meet certain performance targets.

But club staff are currently being made redundant in an attempt to plug substantial monthly losses and that news has been badly received by many supporters.

And the admission that McCoist, his backroom team and the players will receive nothing is sure to crank up the pressure on Wallace to waive his bonus.

The salary paid to McCoist, who agreed a 50% last year, and his coaching team in the lower leagues has been criticised by many Light Blues fans.

And at the weekend former Gers player Kevin Kyle claimed his old team-mates could not believe how much they get for playing part-time clubs. McCoist admitted it was the first time he could recall players missing out on a bonus for winning a title.

He added: "But, to be fair to our lads, they have not been mumping and moaning about it at all.

"They have just got on with it and got the job done. And we need to get the job done again next season. Next year is going to be tough. The majority of the teams are going to be full-time and we expect a step up in the class of the opposition.

"The one team coming down at this moment [Hearts] is a good level of team. It is something to look forward to. But our lads aren't looking for anything. I give them credit and that is good enough."