IT has been anything but seventh heaven for Teemu Pukki at Celtic this season.

Against St Johnstone on Wednesday, the Finnish striker scored his seventh goal for the club he joined last summer.

But, though Neil Lennon claimed Teemu was the best player on the park, there is still a huge question mark hanging over him.

Teemu simply doesn't look comfortable, confident - or happy.

What happens next will be very interesting. Could it be the club and the player decide it just hasn't worked, and that the best route for both parties is to go their separate ways?

Or do they draw a line under his first season and start afresh?

The good thing is that, due to how early Celtic start back next term, Teemu will have the chance to show - in training and in games - that he can finally get going before the transfer window closes at the end of August.

If there is no improvement, Celtic would still have the opportunity to try to move him on.

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