ALL eyes will be on Easter Road tomorrow when Kilmarnock and Hibs meet to decide who goes into the play-offs.

Killie only need a point to avoid this fate. But this is a tight one to call, and it could all come down to nerve on the day.

Playing at home should be an advantage to Hibs, But if they go behind, I could see that working against them as the anxiety levels in the stands will increase.

Hibs have been in freefall in recent weeks. I remember before the split, when they were still well ahead of eighth place, warning they could be sucked into the play-off battle.

That's turned out to be the case, and they do look like a team in trouble. Killie rely so heavily on the goals of Kris Boyd, but the striker has been delivering, as he did again in midweek against St Mirren.

Of course, it's not the end of the world for whoever finishes eleventh as they still have another opportunity in the play off against Hamilton.

But one look at how tough it will be to get out of the Championship next season is enough to get anyone's nerves jangling.

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